Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Playing your favorite radio station using Octoshape -- Linux

2) Open terminal, go to the path you download the plugin . Then, 

3) $ chmod +x octosetup-linux_i386.bin

4)  $ ./octosetup-linux_i386.bin

5) Go through the license agreement by clicking enter or space and reply yes when being prompted.

Do you agree to these license terms? [yes|no]
Archive:  octoshape.installer.6085
  inflating: octoshape/eula.rtf     
  inflating: octoshape/eula.txt     
  inflating: octoshape/OctoshapeClient 
  inflating: octoshape/setup.xml    
 extracting: octoshape/sua-1002170-0-confirmed.txt 
 extracting: octoshape/sua-1002170-0-dynfiles.zip 
 extracting: octoshape/sua-1002170-0-marker.txt 
  inflating: octoshape/sua-1002170-0-module.xml 
  inflating: octoshape/sua-1002170-0-OctoshapeClientSUA 
 extracting: octoshape/sua-1002170-0-OctoshapeClientSUA.sig 
  inflating: octoshape/sua-1002170-0-suapack-versions.txt 
Go to octoshape and execute ./OctoshapeClient -url:octoshape:BROADCASTER.channel

Done installing.

6) You can play the radio at this point. But Octoshape default player is using MPlayer. You can either get MPlayer installed or, change default radio player by editing setup.xml (in octoshape folder)

$ gedit setup.xml
I am using rhythmbox, so I add this option.
Add -- PlayerExec="rhythmbox $url"



For FLY FM listener:
$ ./OctoshapeClient -url:mpb.flyfm.mp3.high

For HOT FM listener:
$ ./OctoshapeClient -url:mpb.hotfm.mp3.high

The player you chose will automatically started and playing your favorite radio station. ENJOY, cheers.

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