Saturday, October 30, 2010


This is common problem in Windows XP that disallow user to boot onto XP. Probably there are files corrupted due to improper shutting down or power failure.

What i did to solve is, put on Windows XP CD and boot into CD mode. Then, wait until it will prompt with few options, like for installing fresh windows and repair. Choose option to repair by press 'r'.

Next step, you will see command line interface (CLI). It will show an option for partition (i.e C: or D: ). Just choose the number where you have installed the windows. In my case I press 1 for partition C. Then, it will ask for administrator password. If you did not set any password for admin, just leave it blank and press ENTER.

You will see like this.

Here, I run check disk instead of copying corrupted files.
C:\WINDOWS>chkdsk c: /P /R

Note that c: is the partition drive of the installed windows. See the manuals from run:
'chkdsk /?'

Then wait for about 30 minutes (according to size) until 100% completed. After finish type 'exit' to reboot

Thats all, hope it will solve yours =)


  1. Ni mesti bosan kat rumah kan?

    Hahahaha. Btw, me and epul encountered this problem once. Solved it for syauqi. Now skrg kalau jadi lagi tau la mana nak cari resource yang comprehensive. TQ!

  2. haha..bookmark ko nye page la dlu..advance dak tadika je..